Myths and Concerns That Are Associated with Vaping

Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking. If you are planning to start vaping as an alternative to your smoking habit, then you should first understand the health concerns associated with vaping.

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Safety of Vaping 

Tobacco and nicotine smoking habits are followed for more than thousands of years. It is a quite known fact that tobacco smoking can cause cancerous effects on the body. Not only cancerous effects, but many other issues are registered because of smoking tobacco or nicotine.

Smoking will result in the production of carbon monoxide in the body, which can become toxic for the human body. This is not the case with vaping as there is no production of carbon monoxide from vaping e-cigs.

E-cigs are prepared with some non-chemical supplements such as flavourings, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and nicotine. Carbon monoxide is not used in the production of vaping pens, and hence there are no chances of the release of the poisonous gas to your body when you vape.

THC Oil Vaping and Health Conditions 

Many mysterious lung diseases are noted from vaping e-cigs filled with the flavour of THC oil. Some are listed below.

  • Lipoid Pneumonia 

Vaping oil of any flavour is not suggested as it can cause severe effects on the lungs. Oil content in the lungs cannot be cleaned with the natural process of washing them from the lungs in the form of sweat. The more you vape oil form of e-juice, the more will be the build-up of oil content in the lungs, resulting in severe complications.

  • Spontaneous Pneumothorax 

The disease where the lungs collapse without any reason is known as spontaneous pneumothorax. Almost a million people are diagnosed with this disease around the globe on a yearly basis. However, this condition is not associated with just the people who enjoy vaping, but also the ones who follow a strict and healthy diet as well.

Regulates E-Juices 

The reviews and reputation of the brand name will decide whether their product is regulated or not. The brand names that sell the e-liquid will stick to the idea of selling the bottles of e juices with particular volumes of e-liquids. Such liquids will be tested by a third party and will be the right option for usage. For instance,

  • CBD e juices will not have any more than 0.02% of THC.
  • The tank for filling the e-juice will be no more than 2ml.
  • The e-liquid bottles with more than 10ml juice will contain 0% nicotine.
  • CBD products are provided with the analysis certificate from third-party laboratories.

While buying any flavoured e-juice from any source, you should follow these above-mentioned tips to understand whether you are purchasing the best quality product or not. Happy vaping.

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