Must-Know Steps to Get into UCLA!

The University of California in Los Angeles is one of the oldest universities of California and is best known for its higher learning, research, and innovation.

Like other colleges, the California University also has some special requirements that are critical for admission –

  1. GPA requirements
  2. Test requirement-
  • SAT
  • ACT
  1. Application requirement

Well, the first and foremost thing is that the acceptance rate of the school is only 14%. Hence, the probability for a student to get a seat is 0.14, or let’s says, less than 0.2. Therefore, it is extremely important to meet the requirements of the institution.

You need to have great academics to start your journey in UCLA as the admission requirements of the University are quite stringent. Mentioned below are some of the criteria that you need to meet to apply to this prestigious institution.

  1. GPA – The GPA of this extremely selective institution is 3.89. A small decrease in GPA might reduce the probability of getting admission or require a greater effort at SAT and ACT level.
  2. SAT – The requirement for this is 1400 out of 1600. Hence, on an average 87.5% is required to clear the paper, compensating the GAP would need more. In addition to this, 4 – 6 is the best number of tests to submit for a better result.
  3. ACT – The average ACT for admission is 31. Applying with a score of less than 28 might not assure you a seat. For ACT sending 10 tests are safe.

Here’s the safety percentage of the score and the kind of school you would get –

  • 80% -100% – it is the safest score to secure a seat in the college
  • 50% -80% – you might hope a seat but the luck might change. It depends on the seat fulfilment by the first category. Hence, here the probability is 1:1
  • 20% -50% – well you are nearing a dead end here, but there is always a room for miracles.
  • 5% -20% – this can be a situation where only luck can get you a seat
  • 0% -5% – there is nothing as this is next to impossible.

Application requirements

Though recommendation letters aren’t usually required, but when you apply for certain honours and program subjects’, letter of recommendation is required. Moreover, an essay or a personal statement is a must-have for all candidates.

Few things to know on how to get into UCLA

  1. UCLA doesn’t provide any early action or deadline dates
  2. Every subject has a different course year –
  1. English – 4 years
  2. Math – 3 years
  3. Science -2 years
  4. Social studies/ history – 2 years
  5. Elective – 1 year
  1. Have a very good personal statement.

Getting admission in such great institution is challenging. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Moreover, just scoring the required marks isn’t helpful. If you haven’t chosen your school yet, then start shortlisting the colleges that are apt for you.

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