Get your SAT ACT and GPA Score at Par with Current Trend in University of Rochester

A private institute, University of Rochester situated in Rochester, NY, not only provides undergraduate and graduate degrees, but it also grants professional and doctoral degrees. The campus holds 158 buildings where 200 majors are studied. Every year 5000 graduates and 6800 undergraduates enroll in different programs to get a degree in that major.

Rochester University has always been a step ahead of other private institutes. If we look back, we can see that till date 1 senior researcher, 4 faculties and 7 alumni have received Nobel Award. Thus, it is needless to say how much impact this university leaves on a student’s life thus, eligible candidates try their best to prepare well to get selected in this reputed institute.

Here are main requirements for getting accepted in Rochester University –

  • ACT
  • SAT
  • GPA


University of Rochester ACT is 30 to 34. The average score is 31. This means, the percentile should be between 90 to 99 and average percentile of 95. This is because Rochester University has its own reputation and name which make academic scores critical. It is a hurdle that has to be crossed if you want to be selected in the school.


The SAT score for UR should range in middle. Statistics have shown that in Math the SAT score in University is 728 for the range of 680 to 750 and for reading as well as writing the average score was 675 in the range of 640 to 710. In both cases, the scores were in between the range, therefore the middle 50 percent range is the right score for getting selected in UR.


The GPA score for this University is 3.8, which clearly shows that the school is very selective. If your GPA score is lower than 3.8, then work harder to increase your ACT or SAT score to achieve an enrollment letter from U of R. To get 3.8 in GPA, you require A in almost every subject.

The enrollment rate of this school is 31.4 percent. This means that the application readers of UR are extremely strict while selecting their candidates. You may never know how their mind changes. So, for this year prepare well and score above what is mentioned above.

If you’re worried about the selection process, kind of questions asked during interview, how to write an essay or personal statement, try going through the videos and informative blogs uploaded on CampuReel. It is a friendly site that gives you an inside view of all colleges in US. The students personally upload videos and blogs and provide relative information about their colleges and schools which might not be mentioned on their official site. It is helpful for candidates who’re planning to graduate but have no idea about colleges.

Apart from academic records, you can also focus on extra-curricular activities which can also help in getting selected –

  • Join any school band, sports team, or any sort of activity that is also valued by UR. This will help in gaining their interest.
  • Volunteer for social services in your local community. Such students become role model for colleges and improve their reputation.

If you prepare well, then there isn’t any hurdle that can obstruct your way. Work hard but don’t stress out. It isn’t necessary that you’ll get everything in one life. There are many opportunities and options available, hence even if you don’t succeed try next time.

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