Are You Interested to Get Admission in UC Irvine? A Quick Review on How to Apply

UC Irvine has got almost 35,000 students and it offers very nice campus having wide-open spaces as well as central park. Students of UC Irvine take pride about their campus and many students aspire to take admission in this college.

However, the rate of acceptance for admission to UC Irvine is pretty low and in the year 2018, it was just below 29%.

Quick review about applying to UCI

Like most of the universities of California, one needs to apply for admission in the UC Irvine by 30th November. Along with your application you also need to pay $70 as application fee.

Following are few other UCI requirements to complete your application.

  • In the application portal of UC, create an account
  • Record all information about your basic demography
  • Reply to 4 of 8 personal insight questions
  • Your transcripts
  • Your test scores
  • Also, include your ACT scores or SAT reasoning test scores. If applying for entry during fall semester then by December sit for tests.
  • Your SAT subject tests, IB, AP, IELTS and TOEFL scores will also be accepted.

Also, share your tax and ID info that includes:

  • For last and current year’s annual income of your family
  • Social security number
  • Citizenship status. If you are foreigner then your immigration status and type of visa
  • Your student ID of California State if you are student of California public schools.

How you can get into UC-Irvine?

Following are the eligibility criteria in order to get admission into UC-Irvine:

Your minimum GPA should be 3.4 on 4.0 scales. If you are resident of California then GPA should be 3.0. Also, you must have attained following courses during your high school.

  • History/Social Science for two years
  • English for four years
  • Mathematics for three years
  • Laboratory Science for two years
  • Language besides English for two years
  • College Preparatory Electives for one year
  • Visual and Performing Arts for one year

The numbers

If you look at the website of UCI, all students who are admitted are generally rank holders in their previous institutions and should be among top ten during their senior class.

Therefore, it means that candidates having strongest transcripts will only be preferred for admission. The average GPA for selected applicants during high school must be between 4.00 and 4.26.

Also, colleges prefer an upward trajectory for grades which means that they will be impressed by your grades that shows increasing trend over time.

As an example, if a candidate has B+ average during initial year and reaches to an average of A grade later will be preferred as it will demonstrate improvement of the applicant.

Will it be better if one gets straight-A grades during all the time?

Certainly, yes but any admissions officer will surely be looking for those candidates showing upward trend instead of any candidate whose grades drops over a period of time.

However, those who are already trying to apply for college admission, perhaps nothing much can be done about their GPA now and hence average scores of UCI may still get some priority.

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